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Tuga signs LOI to form manufacturing consortium for urban EVs

by CM staff   

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Portuguese designed, engineered, and fabricated collaboration moves ahead.

VANCOUVER — Tuga Innovations signed a non-binding letter of intent (LOI) for the creation of a consortium with the intent to produce the initial Tuga commercial prototypes, limited series product line, and continued advancements towards future production vehicles.

The proposed all-Portuguese consortium comprises Tuga Innovations, Vangest Group, and Optimal Structural Solutions as an integrated group of ongoing efforts for the development of the Tuga three-wheeled, fully electric vehicles. The Tuga urban mobility solution is being designed to offer an optional suite of advanced digital communications and navigation aids and is no wider than a motorcycle for agility offering a patent-pending expanding rear axle for high-speed stability. The Tuga is also being designed to offer a patent pending expandable chassis designed for improved passenger comfort and cargo handling capability.

The LOI encompasses engineering design, dynamic and structural simulations, body moulding, interior design and fabrication, EU regulatory homologation, and integration of subsystems and components It is also proposed that the consortium will model, design, and implement standards of quality for planned future production and assembly of Tuga models at anticipated regional production units within specified sales territories across the globe. Initially, the consortium will be tasked with initiating the Portuguese sales and marketing efforts for limited-edition vehicles, and aid in the implementation of proposed mobility as a service (MaaS) five-star ride-hailing and premium delivery services.



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