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Tornado Global Hydrovacs announces update

Tornado Global Hydrovacs is implementing five strategic initiatives to try and grow its business.

January 31, 2022   by CM Staff

CALGARY — Tornado Global Hydrovacs Ltd. announces that it has reportedly strategically positioned itself for growth in 2022 and beyond. Over the past several months, Tornado has focused on implementing five strategic initiatives: (i) restructuring their management team by recruiting; (ii) relocating from a leased facility to a larger and well equipped owned facility; (iii) expanding their product line to match the needs of the excavation industry; (iv) taking a new approach to the way they distribute their products; and (v) strengthening their financial position to help fund the growth.

“These strategic initiatives have been pursued because the demand for hydro-excavation is expected to grow significantly for two primary reasons: infrastructure rejuvenation and global warming. We have all read about the amount of infrastructure spending expected in the years ahead and the demands this will create for hydro-excavation and in turn for hydrovac trucks. What is also clear is that we are seeing an increase in destructive weather patterns that is making the need for rapid response from non-destructive excavation equipment such as hydrovacs, to swiftly repair infrastructure damage,” said Brett Newton, Tornado’s President and CEO.

Tornado is a company involved in the vacuum truck industry, involved in oil and gas exploration projects.