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Tolko sells B.C.-based crosstie business to Koppers

Pittsburg-based Koppers financed the deal primarily by cash on hand.

PITTSBURGH, Penn.—Ashcroft, B.C.-based Tolko Industries Ltd. has sold its crosstie treating business and related manufacturing facility to Koppers Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Koppers Holdings Inc. in a deal worth CAD$32.4 million.

Pittsburgh-based Koppers, financed the deal primarily by cash on hand.

“We are pleased to complete the acquisition of Tolko’s Ashcroft crosstie treating business, which will strengthen our presence in the Canadian railroad industry as well as the northwest region of the United States.” said Koppers president and CEO Walt Turner.

Koppers is a global integrated producer of carbon compounds and treated wood products with facilities in the U.S., U.K., Denmark, the Netherlands, Australia, and China.

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