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Thinking inside the box

April 28, 2010  by Noelle Stapinsky, Features Editor

The North American corrugate packaging industry thrives on large volumes and lot runs, which leaves small start-up companies trying to get new products to the marketplace scrambling for solutions.

Recognizing a need for short run solutions and a growing demand for sustainable packaging, Newmarket, Ont.-based Packaging Logistics Inc. has developed a customizable corrugated solution for companies with small production levels.

“As we were playing with our model of producing smaller lots [what they’ve termed ‘micro-lots’] and doing some market testing, the idea was to go after production volumes that had not been previously considered feasible in the corrugated packaging industry,” says Gord Heyting, president of Packaging Logistics.

Just two years ago the company launched, an online service that allows customers to organize a corrugated box solution for micro-lot runs of one to 500, receive a quote and order any quantity on demand.


But when one of its largest customers approached Packaging Logistics about finding an alternative to protect its products, that’s when the company started thinking about what goes inside of the box.

The customer had been using a corrugated solution that wasn’t made for glass protection and its products were getting damaged.

“We looked at a number of different packaging, such as Styrofoam, high density polyethylene to other corrugated solutions,” says Heyting. “But the one that made the most sense was pulp because it offered the best protection and the sustainability factor was off the charts.”

Keeping in line with its corrugate business, the companies pulp division located in Aurora, Ont., Pulp Moulded Products Inc. (PMP) supplies specialized pulp moulds for small to medium packaging runs, with a focus on getting products to the marketplace faster.

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