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Teltonika Networks strengthening presence in North American IoT connectivity market

Teltonika Networks opened an office for North America's region in Toronto last year

September 8, 2020  by CM Staff

4G LTE CAT 6 Cellular Router – RUTX11 (PRNewsfoto/Teltonika Networks)

TORONTO — The global cellular router market is expected to experience tremendous growth and almost triple in value by 2025. Approximately one-fifth of this market is in North America. The continuing trend towards automation and sustainable advanced technical improvements are majorly driving the cellular router market.

As part of the expansion strategy in North America, Teltonika Networks, an a EU-based Lithuanian manufacturer of industrial routers and gateways, announced that an industrial cellular router — RUTX11 — has acquired certification of two major mobile operators in the US – Verizon and At&T. This LTE-Advanced CAT6 device is equipped with Dual-SIM, 4 x Gigabit Ethernet ports, Dual-Band AC WiFi, Bluetooth LE, and USB interfaces. RUTX11 comes with all RutOS software, top-notch security features, and is compatible with the Remote Management System for even more convenient monitoring and support.

Last year Teltonika Networks opened a dedicated office for North America’s region in Toronto. Now the company can offer even more streamlined logistics and support tailored specifically to the clients from the USA and Canada.

“We are incredibly happy to see our RUTX11 device completing all the necessary tests to acquire certification,” said Julius Švagždys, chief of corporate marketing, in a prepared statement. “Now that RUTX11 is certified with all major operators in North America, we and our partners can expect huge opportunities for continuous growth in the market.”