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Teledyne introduces new compact thermal camera core

by CM Staff   

Manufacturing Technology / IIoT

This uncooled thermal camera platform is designed for OEM drones, handhelds, helmet-mounted and vehicular integration products.

Teledyne has released its new MicroCalibir compact, low-power camera platform, said to be well-suited for OEM drones, handhelds, helmet-mounted and vehicular integration products.

The development of the small and lightweight MicroCalibir is a result of what Teledyne officials call the latest advances made by the DALSA’s integration of their in-house 12 μm microbolometer pixel technology with a deep-ADC ROIC circuit – an ROIC design that results in a 1,000°C intra-scene temperature range at a sub-50mK NETD.

Its pocket-sized 21 x 21 mm format offers the latest Size Weight and Power (SWaP) optimization for this type of LWIR imager, company officials say, and the cameras can reach sub-30mK, NETD levels by utilizing advanced, user selectable noise filtering algorithms.


The MicroCalibir platform can be configured by resolution, field of view, and frame rate for applications such as UAVs, security and surveillance, outdoor recreation/personal vision systems, firefighting, and others.

MicroCalibir cameras and cores are available in QVGA and VGA resolutions and a variety of lens options. Current available interfaces are LVCMOS, and USB2, and a CSI2 version will follow later in 2021.


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