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Tech firm nabs $58 million contract to develop 3D holographic displays

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Ostendo Technologies aims to produce a final prototype of its Quantum Photonic Imager by July 2016

CARLSBAD, Calif.—We are all a little closer to having holographic meetings at our desks.

Ostendo Technologies, a solid-state lighting and display technology company in California, has been contracted by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA), to develop 3D holographic displays.

The four-year contract is worth $58.3 million and falls under Synthetic Holographic Observation (SHO) Program, and was funded through the Air Force Research Laboratory contract FA8650-12-C-7221.

The IARPA SHO Program addresses practical constraints and performance requirements to enable natural, effective and safe 3D visualization.


The program aims to deliver dynamic, high-performance, synthetic holographic 3D workstation display systems, simultaneously viewable by multiple people with the unaided eye, with very low power, no perceptual display artifacts and no eye strain.

Ostendo’s will deliver the final prototype of its proprietary Quantum Photonic Imager (QPI) to the Air Force by July 2016.

The QPI’s very high resolution, brightness and fast response time enables a very high angular density full-parallax light field display.

“The Ostendo novel development plan for a full-parallax hogel-based 3D display system envisions the integration of previously discrete electronic and optical functionalities via a new class of optoelectronic devices based on its several patented technologies. Air Force and DoD intelligence analysts and C2 operators have requested ultrahigh resolution holographic displays to increase productivity when working with 3D information from intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance systems and fused data models,” said Dr. Darrel G. Hopper, AFRL Principal Electronics Engineer and Contracting Officer’s Representative.

Ostendo develops next generation Solid State Lighting (SSL)-based display technologies and products for commercial and consumer markets with the objective to achieve significant efficiencies and cost effectiveness at the material, the device and the system levels.


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