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Tackling barriers to commercialization

by Cleantech Canada staff   

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Inspired Conversations event distilled ideas from industry, government, environmental groups and accelerators

CALGARY—How can technology innovators commercialize their ideas, access financing, and break into industries known for their low risk tolerance?

That was the challenge tackled by approximately 100 business, government and clean technology stakeholders during the Inspired Conversations discussion at the Canadian Energy Supply Chain Forum in Calgary this past fall.

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The group outlined some of the key challenges facing clean technology companies:


“Oil and gas companies are risk averse. The last thing that they want is to be considered innovative because their customers do not want or expect this behavior. Produce oil and gas, deliver value to shareholders. That is the mindset.”

They also shared solutions:

“Test facilities are necessary to turn interesting, cool innovations into risk-free, predictable projects that can be delivered into the supply chain.”

The full report can be viewed here.

The Inspired Conversations event was organized by the Climate Change and Emissions Management Corp. CCEMC, Carbon Management Canada (CMC) and Tessellate Inc.

It was part of the program for the Canada 3.0 Conference in Calgary, produced by TRTech, Canadian Digital Media Network and JuneWarren-Nickles’ Energy Group.


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