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Tackling a TIG welding challenge

Adhesives save display manufacturer time and training

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—Sponsored article by Henkel Canada Corp.

Retail and other display racks need a perfect finish, unlike metal assemblies intended for more industrial use. In the case of a fishing rod display manufacturer in Canada, operators were dissatisfied with process time and finish requirements of TIG welded assemblies.

TIG welding of the primary display components consumes a great deal of manufacturing time and the welds require grinding and polishing finishing steps prior to the final paint application.

It’s also very difficult to TIG weld different metals together without a specialized process and training system.

The solution was found in Henkel’s LOCTITE AA H8000 and Loctite 4090.

Parts are cleaned with a solvent prior to bonding. Loctite AA H8000 is used to bond formed aluminum parts together as well as to bond steel plates to aluminum frames and components.Henkel display rack case study

Loctite 4090 bonds foam and rubber gaskets to the painted aluminum parts. This adhesive is also used to bond plastic end caps onto aluminum tubing sections of the fishing rod stand.

Henkel adhesives reduce the overall cost of the display rack assembly by eliminating separate TIG welding processes and the required finishing steps to prepare welds for painting.

Henkel is a leading solution provider for adhesives, sealants and functional coatings worldwide. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of tailor-made solutions for our customers and of high-quality consumer products. For more information visit: Henkel Canada Corp.

For additional case studies on adhesives and other strategies to boost shop floor efficiency, visit the Productivity Success Centre.

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