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Stelco close to clinching Bedrock deal, seeks court approval for sale

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Deal will safeguard 2,100 jobs at Hamilton and Lake Erie steel works, protect retirees pensions and end nearly a decade of troubled U.S. steel ownership

Uncertainties about the future of U.S. Steel Canada and its operations in Hamilton and Nanticoke will have significant impact on both communities.

Stelco has spent nearly 10 years under the U.S. Steel Canada banner after being acquired by the U.S. firm in a controversial 2007 deal

TORONTO—Southern Ontario steelmaker Stelco is seeking court approval to move forward with its restructuring following an agreement with Bedrock Industries.

Ontario Finance Minister Charles Sousa said in a statement late last week that Bedrock’s proposal would mean that operations at the Hamilton and Lake Erie facilities would continue and 2,100 jobs would be preserved.

Sousa said it also means that retirees in Stelco’s four main pension plans would continue to receive their benefits without interruption or reductions, and continue to receive post-employment benefits.

In addition, the minister’s statement says the proposal would ensure that Ontario receives financial assurance to cover costs that may be incurred in connection with environmental conditions on the land.

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Sousa said this would open the door to development of the industrial lands in a manner that protects the environment as well as benefits the Stelco retirees through the creation of a land trust, governed by the retirees.


To help facilitate the restructuring of Stelco, Sousa says Ontario will provide financial support of up to $76 million in fully secured loans and various forms of regulatory relief.

“Ontario welcomes this latest development in the effort to restructure Stelco as an important step toward saving 2,100 local jobs, protecting pensions and supporting economic development in the Hamilton region while ensuring environmental protection,” Sousa said in a statement Friday night.

Sousa said the Bedrock proposal is now being brought before the court to seek approval to move forward and finalize the terms.

“We are encouraged that the proposed agreement and plan filed in court today provides a solid foundation that would help facilitate the restructuring of Stelco,” he said.

Stelco—formerly known as U.S. Steel Canada Inc.—remains in court-supervised creditor protection proceedings under the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act.

U.S. Steel announced last month that it had a preliminary agreement to sell the business as a going concern to Bedrock Industries. Bedrock is a privately funded holding company focused on owning and operating metals, mining and natural resources assets.

An Ontario Ministry of Finance release says Bedrock has agreed to continue steel operations and ensure that the approximately 2,100 existing jobs continue at Stelco’s Hamilton and Lake Erie facilities.

The release says the transaction ensures that Stelco’s four main pension plans—which it said are underfunded and would otherwise face wind-up at reduced benefits levels—remain in place, providing benefits for service accrued prior to the transaction.


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