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Steelworkers support measures to help Ukraine

The Steelworkers note that EVRAZ North America operates independently in Regina and Calgary.

March 4, 2022   by CM Staff

TORONTO & BURNABY — The United Steelworkers union has announced in a public statement that it condemns the Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine and supports measures from the Canadian government to help the Ukrainian people.

“The USW stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and strongly condemns Putin’s unjustified invasion of the country,” said Marty Warren, USW National Director for Canada in a statement.

“The Canadian government must take swift action to support Ukrainian workers and families. While the USW fully supports measures to press Russia to bring an end to the attack on Ukraine, the Canadian government must ensure that the livelihoods of thousands of EVRAZ workers are not unfairly imperilled.”

The Steelworkers note that EVRAZ North America operates independently in Regina and Calgary, in all areas, including procurement of raw materials, operating production facilities and corporate financing. EVRAZ employs over 1,000 members at facilities in Saskatchewan and Alberta, and many more local businesses and jobs are dependent on their operations.


“Hundreds of Steelworkers are employed by EVRAZ and the Canadian government must consider the impacts on these workers and the local community,” said Mike Day, USW Local 5890 president in a statement.

“Our members come to work to produce high-quality Canadian steel used in critical infrastructure projects across the country. Their livelihoods shouldn’t be imperilled because of the actions of a foreign billionaire.”

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