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Steelworkers behind NDP as Mulcair promises to defend auto sector, boost manufacturing

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Creating incentives for automakers at the heart of NDP leader's plan

TORONTO—The United Steelworkers union is lining up firmly behind Thomas Mulcair ahead of next month’s election. Last week, the NDP leader announced an auto-sector jobs strategy in which he promised to protect and create jobs in Canada’s auto sector.

“After Stephen Harper’s lost decade for manufacturing and a growing automotive trade deficit, our concrete plan will get the sector on track,” Mulcair said.

The USW also referred to a “lost decade” and to the significant job losses manufacturers have endured.

“Only Tom Mulcair and the New Democrats have a comprehensive plan to support and expand Canada’s auto and manufacturing industries,” USW national director, Ken Neumann, said.


“A New Democratic government will defend Canada’s auto sector by insisting on maintaining regional content rules in trade deals, such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership,” Neumann added.

In his plan, Mulcair pledged to improve financial incentives for automakers and parts suppliers, make it easier for automakers to set up operations in Canada and to support research and innovation in the sector.

“I will be a champion for the auto sector and will work closely with automakers and provinces to attract investment in automobile assembly and parts manufacturing,” Mulcair said. “With a reliable partner in an NDP government, I believe the best days are ahead for Canada’s automakers – together we can kick-start manufacturing.”

The USW pointed to Mulcair’s “principled leadership,” contrasting it with Harper’s secrecy surrounding the TPP. It also supported Mulcair’s pledge to create a National Automotive Strategy, something the NDP leader affirmed he would kick-start within his first 100 days in office.

“Canadians are seeing that Tom Mulcair is ready to lead and take bold positions on issues that matter, to defend Canadian jobs and to get our economy back on track,” Neumann said.


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