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Holy #$@%! someone made a functioning hoverboard [WATCH]

A California start-up company has taken inspiration from the movie Back to the Future II with it's hover engines

October 22, 2014  by Canadian Staff

LOS GATOS, Calif—”The wheel may finally have some competition”

Those are the last words in a video by California-based technology start-up company Hendo.

It’s a bold statement. But when you have designed and tested a working hoverboard, you’ve got some leeway in the boldness category.

The Hendo Hoverboard features four hover engines that give the board a ride height of 2.5 centimetres. It’s much thicker than an average skateboard, but has about the same footprint.


While the hoverboard is cool, the most disruptive part of Hendo’s product offering could be its “Whitebox Developer Kit.”

The kit is basically comprised of a scaled-down version of the hoverboard’s hover engine.

That’s right, kids. For about US$330.00 you can get hovering all by yourself.

“We wanted to get the generic embodiment of our technology into as many hands as possible,” it says on the Hendo website

Indeed, the developer kit is designed to be reverse-engineered to inspire global co-creation.

Again from the website: “We want to see what youo can do with our technology. You can use it for hovering, or you can use it for applications we have no idea even exist or could imagine.”

Now that’s a refreshing approach to business.

Check out this three-minute video demonstrating the Hendo Hoverboard and it’s hover engines.

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