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Six pointers for buying industrial power tools

Look beyond price to ensure durability, safety and quality

April 12, 2015  by Fein Canadian Power Tool Company

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When evaluating new power tools, price is certainly a key consideration. But there are several equally important factors to bear in mind, to ensure the tools you invest in are safe, durable and designed to support high-quality shop floor operations.

As a trusted supplier of power tools to Canadian manufacturers and industrial companies, Fein Canadian Power Tool Company (Mississauga, Ont.) often outlines the following considerations to buyers:

1). Warranties and guarantees—Every reputable industrial power tool manufacturer offers a warranty to guard against issues such as manufacturers’ defects, so be sure to ask about warranties and how they differ by vendor and tool. For example, FEIN offers a “3 Year Plus Guarantee,” to warranty our products against faulty workmanship. Some specialized tools (such as those used on shifts or extreme applications) typically have a one-year warranty.


2). Service—The responsiveness and service offered by your power tool vendor is a critical area to explore before buying. The best thing to look for is a factory approved “warranty” repair center. A note of caution is most repair centres service a broad range of products so it can be difficult to get fast turnaround. FEIN Canada offers fast, in-house service by factory-trained technicians, using factory-approved parts. All repairs have written comments as to what the technicians deemed to be the problem. Every tool is fully documented with the model number, serial number, date of repair and service order number, for future reference.

3). Total cost of ownership—High-quality tools are made with high-quality components. These components are either factory-made or chosen to provide the best possible performance and life. The components are also designed to last and not break down under heavy industrial applications. Vendors should be able to tell you how their products are made, tested and assessed for a long service life. Comparing price alone won’t take these issues into account, and could likely lead to buyers invest in lower-quality tools that quickly need replacing.

4). Durability—On a related note, ask power tool vendors about specific components and design elements that allow the tools to endure harsh industrial conditions. For example, FEIN tools feature a metal gear head, reinforced plastic housing, dustproof bearings or fully encapsulated electronics, to provide maximum durability. High-quality tools are typically designed for specific applications so they provide the best possible performance and won’t break down when properly used.

5). Application—It’s important to buy the right tool for the right job. In our experience, the best approach is to call your power tool supplier. If you’re dealing with a reputable provider, you’ll get the absolute best recommendation from factory-trained staff. You can also contact the distributor of the power tool, go online and check specifications; trade shows and magazines can be useful as well.

6). Safety and ergonomics—Last but not least, consider the safety and comfort of your employees, who will be using the power tools for hours at a time. FEIN power tools incorporate the latest ergonomic discoveries, for optimal handling and fatigue-free operation, even with continuous use. Many groundbreaking safety-related milestones in the development of power tools originated with FEIN, including innovations such as the safety clutch for handheld core drills. Modern tools are made with much lighter component parts, and the lowest-possible vibration. Tools today are designed for specific applications with operator safety being a key factor.

Keeping these factors in mind will arm you with the information you need to navigate through a myriad of options and suppliers on the power tool market.

FEIN has been a world-leading power tool manufacturer for over 140 years. Fein Canadian Power Tool Company, located in Mississauga, Ont., provides a range of high-quality power tools and accessories. Visit for more information.

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