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QSL proposes green supply chain hub in Quebec City

by CM Staff   

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It proposes redevelopment in Beauport to reduce GHG emissions and land traffic.

QUEBEC CITY — In a globalized economy where the transport of goods is a priority and at a time of climate change where the maritime route is proving to be the eco-responsible mode, QSL aims to enhance Quebec City’s role in a greener supply chain.

They propose redevelopment in Beauport for container handling, emphasizing intermodal transport to reduce GHG emissions and land traffic.

Quebec has all the assets to favour intermodality and make supply chains more efficient: an enviable geographical location, access to a strategic market of consumers and businesses, the opportunity to regain significant market share from the American East Coast volumes destined for the American Midwest, complementarity with Montreal, a water depth of 15 meters as well as an interconnection with a North American rail and road network.

In addition, QSL believes that the economic fundamentals behind the establishment of a container terminal as well as the commercial interest remain, especially after a global pandemic.

“Currently, 80 per cent of the volume of international trade in goods is transported by sea and the containerization trend is likely to increase. We have heard the concerns of the business community which wants to benefit from short supply chains where processed products and inputs are brought closer to consumers or end users. If QSL can become a solution to this economic ecosystem that must be optimized, we raise our hand and are ready to work with all the stakeholders who cherish this objective,” said Robert Bellisle, president and CEO of QSL.

Their initiative aligns with Quebec’s economic goals and sustainable development vision, pending federal support for expanded customs operations at the Port of Quebec.


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