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PyroGenesis secures major aerospace contract in Spain for titanium metal powder

by CM Staff   

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The order for the specific titanium metal powder is ideal for laser bed additive manufacturing methods.

MONTREAL — PyroGenesis Canada Inc., specializing in advanced plasma processes and sustainable solutions, has signed an initial contract with an aerospace entity in Spain for the sale of PyroGenesis’ titanium metal powder for use in additive manufacturing.

The client (to remain anonymous for confidentiality reasons) is engaged in the development of advanced aeronautics technologies for the European aerospace industry.

The specific order is for titanium metal powder with a particle size range of 15-63µm, ideal for laser bed additive manufacturing methods such as Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) or Selective Laser Melting (SLM).

The titanium powder has been produced using PyroGenesis’ NexGen™ plasma atomization system and will soon be delivered to the client.


“This contract represents our initial commercial metal powder order from a European client, a significant milestone under our new direct distribution strategy. We are experiencing an increase in activity from Europe and are currently engaging with additional European clients interested in acquiring our titanium powder for their additive manufacturing needs,” said Massimo Dattilo, Vice President of PyroGenesis Additive.

The contract came in light after recent changes to the company’s European metal powder distribution strategy, whereby the company and Aubert & Duval mutually agreed to end their distribution agreement.

P. Peter Pascali, President and CEO of PyroGenesis said that by ending the distribution agreement with Aubert & Duval, the company has “eliminated the middleman” which is helping them in reducing costs to the end user.

“Over the past several years we designed, then readied, our new NexGen plasma atomization process with a goal to produce the highest quality metal powders in the additive manufacturing industry. As commercialization progresses and initial orders are received, our strategic initiatives continue to advance as well,” said Pascali.

“We are gaining valuable experience in producing powders that cater to a variety of additive manufacturing applications including, but not limited to, laser bed, electron beam, binder jetting, and direct energy deposition technologies.”

PyroGenesis’ development of titanium metal powders is part of the company’s three-tiered solution ecosystem that aligns with economic drivers that are key to global heavy industry.


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