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proVision WMS announces enhancements to its version 2.2.4 release

by CM Staff   

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A number of updates to the software are meant to make it easier to use on the manufacturing floor.

Provision WMS announced a number of feature updates to its version 2.2.4 software being used in manufacturing facilities:

  1. Realign the Lot Rotation Sequence: Using standard FIFO methods, proVision WMS has a variety of fields to queue in on, for example, manufactured date or best before date.
  2. Import Warehouse Location Utility: As your business grows, requirements come up for additional space, racking or locations. To simplify reallocating or adding new locations proVision WMS gives users a template in Excel where they can automatically upload the information to the software.
  3. Lot Rename Utility: In any business, you have to account for errors and be able to make corrections where necessary. proVision recognizes the need for users to make Lot ID edits, therefore they have tools in place to make these adjustments accurately and these changes can be done through an import of multiple products at once. The built-in validation routine ensures accuracy with an additional step for relabeling.
  4. Count Profile Configuration: proVision WMS has a revamped cycle count section to make it easy for users to create an unlimited count routine and in addition users can set up automatic routines to implement specific counts on continuous timelines.
  5. New Grid Technology: The grid technology allows for users to sort screens, to easily search, filter or group cells so that they can find and/or focus on the most important details. The views can be exported to Excel or a PDF, which can be used for reports.
  6. Count Back Functionality: proVision WMS new count back function triggers an additional count during picking when inventory hits a specific quantity set by the administrator. The count back function will initiate a second inventory count after an item has been picked from the shelf to ensure inventory accuracy.
  7. Billing Module Enhancements: proVision WMS now offers a more simplified routine for adding new clients and configuring their specific billing rules.
  8. Pick Line Notes on RF Screen: Working on industrial Handheld RF Terminals, proVision WMS software now offers the picker an ability to access more information about the order line by toggling to an additional screen. A prompt is shown on the RF screen per line item with a simple single key to access all the additional fields in a new screen view, therefore improving the process for pickers.


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