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Progressive Planet enters agreement to develop regenerative fertilizers

by CM staff   

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PLAN's agricultural fertilizers aim to provide alternatives that reduce emissions and replace harmful chemicals.

KAMLOOPS — Progressive Planet (PLAN) has signed a joint development agreement with Eco Health Industries Ltd. and High Brix Manufacturing Inc. to develop three regenerative fertilizers that reduce the application of chemical nitrogen and other chemical fertilizers. Under these agreements, PLAN will own all intellectual property rights.

PLAN’s agricultural fertilizers aim to provide cost-effective alternatives that reduce emissions and replace harmful chemicals. The alternatives developed by PLAN, High Brix, and Eco Health aim to accomplish three things:

  • Reduce chemical fertilizer use while increasing the soil’s ability to store CO2,
  • Allow producers to use their existing equipment, and,
  • Align with the Canadian Federal Government’s national target to reduce GHG emissions from fertilizer application by 30 per cent by 2030

“Our world-class team of researchers, scientists, and engineers are working diligently to scale up production of our regenerative fertilizers and develop a range of agricultural products that reduce the carbon intensity of producing fertilizers, introduce carbon back into the soil, and reduce chemical fertilizer application rates including the application of urea,” said Steve Harpur, CEO, Progressive Planet.

Testing to measure available nutrients for the small-bag retail product will commence in January 2023, with the final formulation to be launched in May 2023.


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