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Privacy watchdog says legal cannabis buyers should use cash, not credit

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Users can avoid the collection of personal information by using cash instead of credit cards

OTTAWA – Canada’s privacy watchdog is warning marijuana users who are worried about their personal information being collected to pay with cash rather than plastic.

Privacy Commissioner Daniel Therrien gives the advice in a statement on his website trying to help pot sellers and buyers understand their privacy rights.

The statement says marijuana remains illegal in most countries making the personal information of Canadian marijuana users even more sensitive.

Some countries could bar entry to individuals if they know they have purchased cannabis, even lawfully.


Therrien suggests you can avoid the collection of your personal information by using cash instead of credit cards when buying pot from legal retail outlets.

However this option is not available to many Canadians, as some provinces have only a limited number of retail stores and in Ontario, legal cannabis is only available for purchase online for several more months.


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