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Oral and nasal spray designed to target respiratory infection

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COLD & FLU GUARD is designed to be applied directly in the throat and the nose

Cold & Flu Guard is a spray that forms a protective barrier in the mouth and nose. It contains a patented formulation made of citrus extract called Flavobac that protects users from contracting and transmitting the most common strains of viruses.  PHOTO: Oral Science International

BROSSARD, Que. — Oral Science International (OSI), a bio-technologies company, announced on June 22 the launch of COLD & FLU GUARD in the Canadian market.

COLD & FLU GUARD is now available in Canada and Europe as an oral and nasal spray that forms a protective barrier against pathogens. Hyaluronic Acid, a key ingredient, traps and isolates viruses. FLAVOBAC, a patented plant-based bioflavonoid complex, deactivates and destroys viruses neutralizing their ability to infect cells, according to Oral Science.

COLD & FLU GUARD is designed to be applied directly in the most common route of respiratory viral infection, the throat and the nose.

“COLD & FLU GUARD creates an organic barrier to protect your health. FLAVOBAC kills pathogens within 5 minutes”, said Michael Glogauer, professor of dentistry and chief science officer of OSI in a prepared statement. “FLAVOBAC has been shown in vitro to kill human Coronavirus, Influenza virus, RSV, Rhinovirus and many more viruses including the most difficult strains of cold and flu H5N1 (bird flu), H1N1 (swine flu), and coronavirus SARS-CoV.”



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