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Oracle Lighting launches new COVID-19 neutralizing UV light devices

Common workspaces such as offices, waiting rooms, and communal areas can benefit from UV-C technology

September 16, 2020  by CM Staff

PHOTO: Oracle Lighting

METAIRIE, LA — Oracle Lighting, an LED lighting solutions producer, introduced three new COVID-19-killing Ultraviolet Light sterilization devices. Now available, the Mini Sterilization Lamp, Room Sterilization Lamp, and Telescoping Mobile Room Disinfection Device join Oracle Lighting’s popular A.I.R. Solo Personal UV Irradiation Face Mask in the company’s lineup of germ-fighting products.

“With over a decade of experience working with UV lighting applications, the Oracle Lighting team was ready to develop effective sanitizing solutions as soon as this global virus emerged,” said Justin Hartenstein, Oracle Lighting director of product development in a prepared statement. “The quality of the air we breathe and the cleanness of surfaces we contact are important factors that impact our overall health and well-being. Today, more than ever, we need to be mindful of contaminated surfaces we interact with every day. Our new UVC devices neutralize pathogens, harmful bacteria, and coronavirus (including COVID-19) without the use of toxic chemicals.”

The UVC Room Sterilization Lamp (p/n 38W-UV-C) is tested and proven to properly disinfect and inactivate 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. Common workspaces such as offices, waiting rooms, and communal areas can benefit from the same UV-C technology that has been used in hospitals and labs for cleaning and disinfecting rooms for years.

“The new mini UV sterilizer (p/n 3W-UV-CB/W) is perfect for sanitizing surfaces in vehicles and small rooms, as well as sanitizing PPE,” Hartenstein continued. “Simply place this portable, battery powered lamp in the cup holder of your car or in a room and press the power button when you exit the vehicle or room. The device will turn on and sanitize for 15 minutes and then automatically shut down, eliminating bacteria, viruses, and even odors.


“Perfect for large commercial spaces such as schools, office buildings, clinics, hotels and more, the new portable high power UVC Telescoping Mobile Room Disinfection Device is a trolley system that emits a high intensity ultraviolet light that disinfects surfaces of larger spaces,” Hartenstein said. “Designed with safety in mind, this sterilizer features radar detection which automatically shuts the device off if pets or other unexpected visitors enter the room while it is in operation. This device also features Two-In-One Cleaning, with both UVC light and Ozone to not only disinfect surfaces but also deodorize and purify the air.”

Recently launched and now available, the A.I.R. Solo (Antimicrobial Irradiation Respirator) is a wearable UVGI face mask that is designed to be worn under common face masks in order to protect both users and those around them, killing live viruses such as coronavirus, pathogens, bacterium, or other microorganisms attached to the fabric’s surface.

“We are all familiar with the CDC statement ‘Your mask protects me; my mask protects you’,” said Troy Organo, co-inventor of the product. “The A.I.R. Solo provides protection against viruses for both the user and others. High-risk individuals cannot simply rely on others to respect their health safety. The Solo provides benefits to the user while also sanitizing outgoing air to protect others. While this product is beneficial for high-risk individuals, it is for anyone going into a higher-risk environment such as public transportation, flying, or even for simply going to the grocery store.”

This device also benefits those who wear cloth face coverings, according to Hartenstein. “Studies have shown that respiratory pathogens on the outer surface of cloth masks can actually result in self-contamination, which is exactly what they are intended to prevent,” he said. “Because of this, we see the unique UV irradiation benefits of A.I.R. Solo as the best sanitization scenario for helping to mitigate exposure to COVID-19 and other viruses.”

Wavelengths between 200-300 nanometers, such as the UV-C LEDs integrated into the A.I.R. Solo provide the most effective germicidal function. This is because the wavelength of UV-C irradiation utilizes photons to inactivate the virus which prevents the cell from replicating and infecting the body if inhaled. The A.I.R. Solo’s UV-C LED emitters are integrated into the airflow partition of the device which is designed to scrub the air and sterilize the cloth mask simultaneously.

Research has shown effectiveness of UV-C LEDs against Coronavirus. A recent study by Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc. (SETi) has demonstrated 99.9% effectiveness against COVID-19 and determined that COVID becomes even more sterile when placed closer to the UV-C source. The A.I.R. Solo is designed to channel the incoming air within 5mm of the UV-C source.

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