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Optimi Health seeks approval to manufacture MDMA, psychedelics

by CM Staff   

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An amendment to its existing license would enable the company to synthesize, process and distribute pharmaceutical grade MDMA among other substances.

VANCOUVER —  Optimi Health Corp., a Canadian company producing mushroom formulations, has submitted a request with Health Canada for an amendment to its Controlled Substances Dealer’s Licence.

The amendment would enable the company to synthesize, process and distribute pharmaceutical grade 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine or “MDMA,”among other substances, at its Princeton, B.C. facility.

Optimi Health says that with its main capital expenditure completed, it will move to expand its offering to encompass more synthetic psychedelics through its EU-GMP cultivation and analytical laboratory.


Additionally, the company says this move aligns with its planned year of commercialization, allowing them to take more opportunities through standardized psychedelic drug testing, R&D, and product development through approved clinical trials and exemption-based applications.

“Since our inception, Optimi has received a steadily increasing volume of inquiries related to the production of synthetic psychedelics from stakeholders within the sector, made all the more timely by recent developments. Our analytical laboratories were purpose-built to enable us to act as an EU-GMP compliant drug manufacturer for these interests, without in any way detracting from our primary goal of cultivating natural psilocybin,” said Optimi Health chief science officer Justin Kirkland in a statement.


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