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OpSens Solutions receives funding to develop a fuel monitoring system for aerospace applications

by CM Staff   

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The new OFMS intends to be compatible with the next generation of sustainable aviation fuels (biofuels), intended to replace traditional jet fuel aviation in a near future.

QUEBEC CITY — On June 16, OpSens Inc. announced that OpSens Solutions Inc., its wholly-owned subsidiary, is receiving advisory services and up to $500,000 in funding support from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) to support a collaborative research and development project through the international EUREKA Network. The project will jointly develop an optical-based fuel monitoring systems (OFMS) for aerospace applications including civil aircraft with Temai Ingenieros S.L. (Temai), the consortium partner of this EUREKA international project. Temai is also receiving public funding for this project from the Spanish Innovation Agency, the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI).

The OFMS project consortium, supported by a major aircraft manufacturer, aims to develop an optical fuel monitoring system for aerospace applications based on OpSens Solutions’ patented fiber optic technology. This OFMS is intended for use in commercial aircraft, among others, and is designed to be safer, lighter, and to reduce contaminant emissions. The OFMS system purports to offer a lower cost of ownership than the capacitive sensing technology currently used in modern aircraft. The system will also be compatible with the next generation of sustainable aviation fuels (biofuels) intended to replace traditional jet fuel aviation in a near future.

“Thanks to the outstanding performance of our recently developed and patented fiber-optic differential pressure sensor, the most precise of its kind on the market, we have been able to show very promising benefits of our fiber optic sensing technology for the aerospace industry. We would like to thank EUREKA for their support of this project and NRC IRAP for their technical and business advice in planning for this project, as well as the financial support,” said GaĆ©tan Duplain, President of OpSens Solutions.

“We are delighted with the initial results obtained during the ground testing phase carried out with OpSens Solutions’ products and we foresee a bright future for this type of technology in the aeronautics industry. We would also like to thank EUREKA and CDTI for their financial support of this project,” said Luis Bussion, Managing Director of Temai.



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