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Olymel to halt pork deboning operation in St-Hyacinthe, Que., lay off 340

Company to shift pork butt deboning work to other Quebec plants over the next year as it works to cut costs

August 5, 2016  by Canadian Staff


Olymel plans to transfer the deboning operations from St-Hyacinthe to other plants that currently slaughter and butcher the pork

ST-HYACINTHE, Que.—Meat processor Olymel is ceasing pork butt deboning operations at one of its Montreal-area plants.

The decision will result in 340 job losses at the company’s St-Hyacinthe, Que. facility over the next year.

“This solution was deemed necessary after a thorough analysis of processing costs with a view to making all our operations more efficient,” Réjean Nadeau, the company’s president and CEO, said.

Olymel will shift deboning work to the other facilities that currently slaughter and butcher the pork, a move it says will increase efficiency and cut costs. The fat rendering and frozen product storage operations at the St-Hyacinthe plant will not be affected by the change.


The meat processor said it will halt pork butt deboning operations at St-Hyacinthe by September of next year. Meanwhile, it is currently studying how it could best-use the space freed-up by the shift.

The firm has put a relocation plan in place for employees willing to move to another Olymel facility.

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