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Office pod manufacturer to launch new products at NeoCon

by CM Staff   

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SnapCab will be launching three products at conference.

SnapCab Work and Work+ (CNW Group/SnapCab)

KINGSTON — SnapCab will launch several new architectural office products at Chicago’s NeoCon®, October 4-6, 2021, offering flexible solutions for returning to the office.

Prior to the pandemic, SnapCab Workspace primarily offered meeting pods that fit up to four to six people. Once the pandemic hit, SnapCab was able to develop new products to respond to the new needs of the office.

SnapCab Work and Work+
The SnapCab Work and Work+ offer work experiences for open office environments. These pods utilize a top-to-bottom air flow exchange, pulling fresh air in through ceiling fans and exiting through floor vents. This gives users an environment with clean air flow, exchanging fully every 90 seconds.

SnapCab Consult
The SnapCab Consult allows for safe face-to-face consultation and collaboration. It is a mobile pod split into two smaller rooms separated by a glass partition. With air ventilation top of mind, each side of the pod is equipped with a dedicated HEPA filter. The sound-blocking exterior glass doors provide audio privacy and keep out distracting noise.


SnapCab Meet 2
Designed for productivity, the SnapCab Meet 2 is a quiet space for those working from home. Being smaller in size than our other office pods, the SnapCab Meet 2 is meant to fit in a home.

“We’re excited to introduce architects and designers to our new products that can help them create and recreate workspaces that help people safely return to work,” says Glenn Bostock, SnapCab founder and CEO. “SnapCab Workspace products give those who are reworking open spaces so many flexible options that provide people with the quiet space they need to focus, while also providing the open space they need to safely collaborate.


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