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Nuclear industry accounts for 76,000 jobs across Canada

Canada's nuclear industry is growing in size due to the refurbishment of Ontario's reactors, says Canadian Nuclear Association

November 8, 2019  by CMO Staff

OTTAWA – Canada’s nuclear industry accounts for 76,000 jobs across Canada, an increase from 60,000 jobs in 2012.

That’s according to a study prepared by MZ Consulting for the Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA) and the Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries (OCNI).

John Gorman, CNA President and CEO, said the study’s findings show that Canada’s nuclear industry is growing in size due to the refurbishment of Ontario’s reactors and research into new reactor technologies.

Canada is committed to the nuclear industry, with the life extension of 10 reactors in Ontario, some of which will continue to operate into the 2060s, noted CNA. Canada has also attracted international attention as a leader in the development of new small modular reactors, which can work with renewables in the clean energy system of the future.


According to the study, “Benefits of Nuclear Energy for Canadians,” the nuclear industry adds $17 billion per year to Canadian GDP.

Ron Oberth, president and CEO, OCNI, an association of more than 230 Canadian suppliers to the nuclear industry, says, “It is widely expected that small modular reactors will be an important part of the future of nuclear technology and will increase the number of nuclear jobs in the next decade.”

Some other study findings include:

  • The nuclear industry workforce is young; 40% of jobs are held by those under 40.
  • The nuclear industry provides high-quality jobs. Nearly 90% of jobs fall into the high job skill category.
  • Today, 8,500 jobs exist in the production and application of medical isotopes across Canada.