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Nieuport Aviation announces that EV shuttle buses coming to Billy Bishop airport in 2023

by CM Staff   

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The order of six new electric buses is scheduled to begin delivery in the first quarter of 2023.

TORONTO and VANCOUVER — Nieuport Aviation, along with shuttle bus service provider TOK Group, announced today an order for six (6) Vicinity Lightning™ electric buses. This announcement is one of the initiatives Nieuport Aviation is undertaking to try and reduce its environmental impact as part of its sustainability plan. The buses will replace the current diesel-powered shuttle bus fleet connecting passengers between Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport and Union Station.

“Each year, hundreds of thousands of people use the shuttle bus service Nieuport Aviation provides to access the city from the Toronto City Airport. It is a vital connector for travellers and staff alike” noted Neil Pakey, President and CEO of Nieuport Aviation. “As Nieuport sets out its stall to play a leading role in Canadian aviation achieving net zero carbon emission targets, we are thrilled to bring a cleaner, greener, quieter transportation solution to our city. This is a significant step forward in our goal of delivering a brighter and more sustainable future for our airport terminal and neighbouring communities.”

In 2019, at the peak of the airport’s operations, more than 500,000 people used the iconic shuttle bus service connecting Union Station to YTZ. Understanding that electric buses provide a net benefit to our passengers, the public and the environment in general, and conducting comprehensive market scans and interviews, the Vicinity Lightning™ Bus was selected. The order of six new electric buses is scheduled to begin delivery in the first quarter of 2023.

“The downtown Toronto shuttle service is an excellent opportunity for the Vicinity Lightning™ EV buses, due to its right-size, versatility, AODA compliance and accessibility, and comfortable ride, powered by an all-electric propulsion system designed with maximum efficiency in mind,” said William Trainer, Founder and CEO of Vicinity Motor Corp. “We look forward to working with the team at the Nieuport Aviation and TOK Group to put these six buses into service, helping to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly service for Toronto’s downtown and waterfront communities.”


Ajay Mehra, CEO at TOK Group, added: “The environment is a key factor and forefront on our client’s mind. Our public and private fleet clients are rapidly shifting from diesel and natural gas to electric vehicle technology. Electric buses are safe, clean and reliable and less expensive to maintain. They are quiet, smooth riding, and eliminate all engine air pollution. Vicinity’s highly compelling Lightning EV product makes them an ideal partner as we seek to diversify our fleets, do our part in the fight against global warming, and reduce the need and dependency on non-renewable energy while also reducing operating costs.”


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