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NGen launches Careers of the

by CM Staff   


The initiative aims to introduce students to advanced manufacturing

TORONTO — Canada’s Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster, Next Generation Manufacturing Canada (NGen), has launched a youth initiative – Careers of the The initiative aims to motivate and inspire young minds to explore advanced manufacturing by educating students and adults about where manufacturing is heading and the wide variety of exciting career opportunities that can be pursued within the field.

“Young Canadians are called to action — to shape our future through innovation. Advanced manufacturing is working today to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges such as climate change, life threatening diseases, and food insecurity. We are asking young people to envision a world that they can be proud of; to come forward and make that world a reality. Through advanced manufacturing, it is possible,” said Jayson Myers, CEO, NGen, in a prepared statement.

A recent survey conducted by NGen and Abacus Data showed that perceptions of young people and parents alike are badly outdated when it comes to advanced manufacturing. The findings show that most people believe that jobs in advanced manufacturing are repetitive, unsafe and unfulfilling, whereas young people are attracted to diverse and inclusive workplaces and to work that helps people and solve problems. Views change dramatically when made aware of the innovative technologies, modern workplaces, and fulfilling career opportunities that are the reality of advanced manufacturing.

Students, parents and teachers can visit to access more information on the industry, as well as real life examples of young people in the sector whose innovations are changing our country. The website has been developed as a resource to help students identify potential career paths. It will educate kids on the diverse opportunities within Canada’s advanced manufacturing sector and raise awareness about the innovations that are future proofing our country and reshaping the world. All students, from all areas of studies, are encouraged to visit the website to learn more about their role in Canada’s advanced manufacturing revolution.


To help young Canadians along their quest for knowledge about advanced manufacturing, NGen will be launching a contest, Manufacturing the Future, on May 13th that will award 10 bursaries valued at $10,000 (CAD) each. Canadian residents between the ages of 15-18 are asked to submit a 500-word essay, addressing the questions: “What problem do you think advanced manufacturing could solve in the future? And, what role would you like to play in making it happen?” Whether interested in science, engineering, computers, virtual reality, robotics, design and creative arts, business, or administration, there is a role for everyone and all are encouraged to apply.

“Our aim is to guide and support the next generation of young Canadians as they pursue career aspirations in this field,” added Myers. “We are helping them step into the future. The exciting possibilities that exist in the world of advanced manufacturing are endless. The industry is full of in-demand careers that young people may not even be aware of. The technology is captivating, the innovations are unbelievable, and these are the jobs that will have a real impact on the world we live in.”

The Manufacturing the Future contest will run from May 13, 2021 until June 2, 2021.


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