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New standard on environmental technology verification

ETVs provide an independent evaluation of new technologies in order to validate environmental claims

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The world is facing many environmental challenges such as climate change, increasing air pollution and a growing depletion of natural resources. Many organizations are responding to these challenges with the development and implementation of innovative environmental technologies.

At the same time, as new technologies emerge, many developers make claims about their environmental performance in multiple ways. Without a credible means to verify the performance claims of these technologies, potential buyers have no environmental product performance guarantees.

Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) provides an independent evaluation of new technologies in order to validate environmental claims so that users, developers, regulators, and other parties can make informed decisions about purchasing, applying and regulating innovative technologies.

ETV sets out a standard process to follow when an environmental performance claim is made. In other words, it ensures an independent party has tested the technology and the results can be considered reliable. The ETV process brings credibility to an environmental technology, which in turn helps a product to reduce procurement risk, enable market access, obtain a competitive market advantage, and expedite the use of new technologies.

The value of ETV is becoming increasingly apparent with the recent publication of ISO 14034—Environmental Technology Verification. To learn more about the new standard, please review the announcement on the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) website.

How ETV can help businesses:
• Provides specific & precise environmental performance claim verification, presented in an easily understood format
• Generates credibility & reduces procurement risk
• Provides a distinct market advantage & helps highlight environmental performance
• Expedites uptake of new technologies
• Supports the patenting process by providing verified claims
• Increases national and international market recognition

Here are a few highlights from the ISO 14034 standard:
• Provides a reliable assessment process for verifying the environmental performance claims of innovative technologies and technological processes.
• Outlines a mechanism for third-party verification to facilitate successful technology commercialization.
• Helps build vendor credibility and buyer confidence by providing the marketplace with the assurance that environmental performance claims are valid, credible and supported by high quality, independent test data and information

To learn more about the recent publication of the ISO 14034 standard, , join the ETV section of the CSA Communities, CSA Group’s collaborative platform where users can participate in discussions with industry experts and get involved in standards development . Visit:

To learn more about the ETV verification process, read testimonials, begin your ETV screening application, or search the inventory of verified technologies please visit:

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