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New publication for business owners

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Manufacturing entrepreneurs

Canadian Capital focuses on entrepreneurs

Rogers Publishing Ltd. is launching a new website and quarterly magazine for Canada’s entrepreneurs. .

Canadian Capital and is geared at self-made business owners across a range of sectors, from manufacturing and construction to agriculture and healthcare.  It will guide entrepreneurs through the complex world of building and managing wealth.

Highlights of the first issue:

  • “Philanthropreneurs” who developed second careers with philanthropic ventures
  • “Nevertirees” who reinvented themselves after retirement
  • How owners can use multiples to calculate the value of a business before they shop it to buyers
  • and much more

Highlights of

  • How to talk to your children about money
  • How to know if your son or daughter is ready to take over the business
  • Unique ways business owners like you are enjoying their wealth
  • How to calculate the value of your company
  • Giving back to your community

The website will also act as an online forum for business owners to get peer-to-peer and peer-to-expert advice. Content includes articles, profiles, videos, tips, tools, assessments and checklists to help business owners manage their wealth and their lives, along with forums for dialogue and advice.


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