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Nanoprecise Sci launches NrgMonitor to help clients manage energy consumption

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The new platform is also designed to help maintenance teams track energy consumption patterns for motor-driven equipment over a period of time.

Nanoprecise Sci Corp Launches NrgMonitor (TM)

EDMONTON — Nanoprecise Sci Corp. has launched a new product: NrgMonitor(TM), to help manufacturers & operators track their energy efficiency and carbon footprint along with condition monitoring of motor-driven equipment.

The company is calling its new product a sensor agnostic energy efficiency & condition monitoring platform.

NrgMonitor(TM) is designed to enable maintenance teams to track the energy consumption patterns for motor-driven equipment over a period of time.

It also includes all the features of RotationLF, to help reliability teams identify faults that have the potential to cause downtime. The platform uses a data-driven approach to help mitigate any inefficiencies in energy consumption and helps to determine which assets are consuming higher energy. It can also track any increase or decrease in the energy consumption of an asset due to a particular fault mode.


“NrgMonitor goes beyond the traditional reporting of energy consumption by allowing users to measure the excess CO2 emitted by machines experiencing fault conditions. It not only allows to reduce energy waste but also helps operators to reduce their carbon footprint. With NrgMonitor, we aim to empower maintenance & reliability teams with actionable insights that can help achieve their Net-Zero goals, while preventing unplanned downtime,” said Sunil Vedula, founder & CEO, Nanoprecise Sci Corp in a statement.


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