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Nanoprecise Sci Corp wins first place in MAIL programme

by CM Staff   

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The Nanoprecise team installed MachineDoctor sensors on the cyclo-drives to capture machine health data, a demonstration that helped them win Cohort 5 in the MAIL programme.

Prashant Verma – Co-founder & Product Head Nanoprecise Sci Corp, presenting the findings of the pilot to Maruti Suzuki Team

EDMONTON — The Mobility and Automobile Innovation Lab programme by Maruti Suzuki India Ltd has awarded first place to Nanoprecise Sci Corp.

The programme is designed to give tech startups the opportunity to do a proof-of-concept project with MSIL which in turn gives the organization the opportunity to evaluate the best technologies and assess their potential to improve their operations.

Nanoprecise Sci Corp offers cloud-based solutions for the lifecycle monitoring of equipment, using IoT, AI and Data science applications. It earned first place in the MAIL programme by demonstrating a way to prevent hours of downtime while monitoring equipment in the assembly line of the manufacturing plant.

The company described in a statement how the Nanoprecise team installed MachineDoctor sensors on the cyclo-drives to capture machine health data. The AI-based software was then able to detect an early-stage fault using acoustic emissions and confirmed the fault progression using vibration analysis.


The maintenance team then confirmed deterioration in the equipment bearing, corroborating the insights provided by the automated Nanoprecise solution.

“It can be very difficult to monitor the condition of various machines, especially when it involves cyclic-operations. With our AI-based solution, automobile manufacturers can rely on an automated system to monitor the health & performance of machines and equipment sets in near real-time. It offers the capability to detect minor changes in their operational parameters, monitor progression, and provide insights before they impact production or cause downtime. Winning Cohort 5 is a testament to our capability to revolutionize the maintenance sector with technology”, said Prashant Verma, co-founder & product head, Nanoprecise Sci Corp in a statement.


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