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Micro-learning platform helps frontline workers remember to do the things

Axonify’s CEO Carol Leaman says her company's "micro-learning" training platform can help manufacturers reach employees in effective ways

November 27, 2019  by CMStaff

PHOTO: Carol Leaman, president and CEO of Axonify

A Waterloo, Ontario-based company has figured out a way to change employee behaviour quickly.

Axonify’s online training platform can measure what each employee knows, and what they don’t, along with how confident they are in applying that knowledge on the job. It  delivers focused, bite-sized bursts of information to employees in a way that fits right into the workflow in three- to five-minute sessions a day.  Plus, the AI-powered learning attribution engine provides real-time insights that identify gaps and growth opportunities.

Carol Leaman, president and CEO of Axonify, was recently interviewed by Manufacturing AUTOMATION. She answers questions about the training platform, and tells readers what’s behind the brain science addressing the needs of the modern workforce.

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