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Mercedes-Benz introducing 2023 Sprinter this winter

by CM Staff   

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The new model incorporates an all-wheel drive system, 9G-TRONIC transmission, 4-cylinder diesel engines and connectivity.


2023 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (CNW Group/Mercedes-Benz Canada Inc.)

MISSISSAUGA — Mercedes-Benz Canada has announced plans to make its 2023 Sprinter available in Canada this winter.

The luxury vehicle manufacturer says this newer model incorporates a new all-wheel drive system, 9G-TRONIC transmission, 4-cylinder diesel engines and improved connectivity.

Mercedes Benz says the Sprinter incorporates a 4-cylinder lineup for gasoline and diesel engines to improve fuel efficiency. It also operates on an OM 654 engine, which reportedly provides smoother acceleration and decreased vibration levels. The OM 654 engine will also be available in output ratings of 125kW and 155kW.


The Sprinter’s engine uses a combination of aluminum block and steel pistons, a stepped recess combustion process,  and NANOSLIDE cylinder coating, all of which are supposed to help the vehicle produce less emissions and consume less fuel.

The transition to 9G-TRONIC transmission from 7G-TRONIC transmission is intended to help increase first gear ratio for faster takeoff.

The Sprinter’s all-wheel drive will provide up to 50 per cent split per axle, unlike the previous engageable system, which provided 35 percent of torque to the front and 65 percent to the rear axle when in 4 by 4 mode.

The vehicle’s digital services connect both commercial and private customers to their vans and provide access to information and practical functions, both inside and outside of the vehicle.


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