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MedMira receives patent for its quantitative diagnostic system

by CM Staff   

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Through this new patent, MedMira is to further diversify its patent portfolio and expand on its Rapid Vertical Flow Technology® (RVF) based diagnostic tests.

HALIFAX — On June 6, MedMira Inc. announced the receipt of a U.S. patent (number 11,353,450) for their new quantitative test system. Through this new patent, MedMira is to further diversify its patent portfolio and expand on its Rapid Vertical Flow Technology® (RVF) based diagnostic tests. This is an attempted step forward in empowering the Company’s strategic vision by offering a rapid multiplexed quantitative diagnostic system from screening to confirmation to monitoring disease progression. MedMira is trying to provide an affordable alternative to the current costly and time-consuming screening and monitoring systems.

“Our RVF Technology® based rapid test provides an immediate quality Yes or No answer enabling health care providers to diagnose specific marker(s) at a true Point-of-Care situation. We strongly believe in the value of such affordable and easy-to-use testing methods, which the world has clearly seen with the COVID-19 pandemic. We are fortunate enough to expand our offering to the market by adding value with the latest success of our technology development – The MIROQ™ system. MIROQ™ allows health care providers to receive an immediate diagnosis with both qualitative AND quantitative results and continue disease monitoring in minutes at the most affordable price. With the growing global population, the increase of health issues and the overall economical adverse situation – MedMira brings diagnostic tools that can be used anywhere at the lowest possible cost,” said Hermes Chan, CEO of MedMira Inc. “The synergies of both systems provide the ultimate answer to help people know at the fastest possible time. This is not just the next step for our corporate development, it is also a distributive technology that outlines the much-needed shift from the high maintenance and costly screening and diagnostic tools to something that makes sense in today’s world.”

MedMira’s diagnostic system reportedly allows for accessible and efficient diagnostic tools for quantitative results in minutes. The interface, combined with automated interpretation allows for an expansion of MedMira’s current RVF-based tests and can provide a pathway to reportedly increase the technology’s multiplexing abilities.

The company developed the first prototype system in 2014 and went through extensive verification and validation performed by academic partners in NS, Canada. These findings were published in the Journal of Analytical Chemistry in November 2016 and describe the performance and efficiency of this technology to be on par with traditional expensive laboratory testing solutions which are generally limited to high complexity labs.



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