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McMaster University develops novel experimental designs with ZEISS LaserFIB and 3D X-ray microscope

by CM staff   

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These advancements will be demonstrated in an upcoming free workshop March 6-7.

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. and HAMILTON — The Canadian Centre for Electron Microscopy (CCEM), located at McMaster University, recently acquired a ZEISS Crossbeam 350 laser FIB-SEM and a next-generation Versa 3D X-ray microscope. This opens new innovative approaches to science by correlating high-resolution non-destructive 3D X-ray imaging with FIB-SEM 3D imaging aided by integrated femtosecond laser for precise machining. This enables high-resolution 2D and 3D analysis at sites within millimeter volumes of materials.

The new capabilities provide experimental efficiencies allowing a higher number of experiments than previously possible, accelerating the rate of scientific discovery. The faster sample preparation enabled by the femtosecond laser is causing a paradigm shift in the types of experiments that can be done as well as their frequency. In addition, the study of materials across length scales can be well supported with statistically valid data captured in context of the larger specimen.

“Our new instruments are key to advancing materials important to society today, such as batteries, semiconductors, and metal alloys,” said Nabil Bassim, Scientific Director of CCEM, McMaster University. “With a high-resolution 3D X-ray microscope and integrated laser FIB-SEM system, we have a suite of tools for correlated workflows needed to explore large material volumes and examine nanoscale features or defects. We have already completed experiments that were not possible before.”

These advancements will be demonstrated in an upcoming free workshop March 6-7, scheduled as a hybrid event with international speakers.



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