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Mastering change and compliance with training for the Canadian Electrical Code

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Serving as the backbone of Canada’s electrical safety system, the Canadian Electrical Code, Part I (CE Code) helps advance public and worker safety by providing guidance on the safe installation and maintenance of electrical equipment. Updated every three years to reflect advances in technology and other major developments, the CE Code also helps facilitate innovation and create new economic opportunities. But, the frequency of these updates and the sheer number of changes in each edition can make it challenging for you to keep up on the job. Choosing the right training program helps you to quickly understand the new requirements so you can unlock the value of the CE Code. CSA Group can help.

Helping you overcome a wave of change

The 24th edition of the CE Code—which launched on January 2, 2018– has over 260 updates and revisions. These changes come at a time when industrial and commercial construction is growing, governments and businesses are installing renewable energy systems, contractors are increasingly adopting green building techniques, and the workforce grapples with the effects of aging employees and labor mobility.

Changes in the market combined with the frequency of these CE Code updates may pose challenges to your business, as your success hinges on your ability to complete the job well and on time while maintaining compliance. But you can reduce cost, save time, and increase productivity and safety with a training program designed to help you understand the latest requirements and apply them to your specific area of work.

Leading electrical standards development in Canada and around the world

With 90 years of experience in developing and updating the CE Code with our expert members, as well as our leadership in national and international electrical standards development, CSA Group is a premier source for industry-recognized training. The relevancy and applicability of our learning resources to your work are why more than 10,000 experienced professionals sign up for CSA Group training and skills development programs every year.

Our training program

Our diverse, accessible, and flexible training program has been designed to help you reduce cost, save time, minimize risk, and increase productivity as you grapple with a number of market challenges. Our material addresses everything you need to know about the CE Code as it applies to your industry and profession, and you can rest assured that the content has been developed with insights from reputable and knowledgeable experts from the industry.

Our 2018 program includes the following courses:

  • Significant Changes Webinar—A one-hour webinar providing a high-level overview of the main CE Code changes since the previous edition in 2015.
  • Detailed Overview of Changes (online, in-class, on-site)—This course reviews all changes, updates, new tables, definitions, and additions in great detail across all sections of the CE Code, as well as the latest jurisdictional interpretations and variations.
  • Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional Construction (online, in-class or on-site)—With a focus on new installation and renovation projects, this course explores the most practical CE Code concepts through scenarios, interactive activities, and real-world examples for the commercial, industrial, and institutional construction sectors.
  • Customized CE Code Modules (on-site)—A flexible training program where customers control the content, timing, and cost of their training session.
  • Alberta Updates and Changes (online)—Participants benefit by understanding updates that are relevant to electrical installations in Alberta, without having to review the entire CE Code.
  • Grounding & Bonding (online)—This online course provides an overview of the grounding, bonding, and equipotential bonding requirements in the latest edition of the CE Code. Rather than reviewing the CE Code in its entirety, this course is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of Section 10.
  • Manufacturing, Design, and Planning (online, in-class, on-site)—This course is designed to help users understand and meet CE Code requirements on applications such as electrical equipment manufacturing, design, and planning.
  • Navigating the CE Code (online)—This course provides practical guidance on how to navigate and use the latest edition of the CE Code so that participants can easily locate the information they need the most.
  • Renewable Energy (online)—With particular emphasis on Section 64, the course explores the requirements for different types of renewable energy systems, relevant system components, functions, maintenance, safety, and operation.
  • Pre-Master Electrician Course (online)—This course is designed to expand the knowledge and skills of electricians and other professionals who are qualitied to be licensed as P.Eng, CET, and C-Tech by helping them prepare for the Master Electrician Examination.

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