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Marketing Automation the BUZZ of 2017

Improve efficiency and better target leads and customers

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Marketing Automation is one of the more recent tools introduced to help marketers improve their efficiency and better target their leads and customers.

Though the leading marketing sectors such as technology, software and many consumer brands have been utilizing Marketing Automation for years, there are still many sectors only just discovering the power of the software.

Manufacturing has been capitalizing on the benefits of automation for decades. Now in 2017, leading manufacturers are realizing the benefits of Marketing Automation. Many manufacturing customers initially begin their search and evaluation of products on-line. Leveraging the features and benefits of a Marketing Automation Platform allows you to communicate and sell cost-effectively within the on-line environment that your customer prefers. Marketing Automation is a simple solution that can consistently help manufacturers stay in touch with customers and prospects.

Marketing Automation has provided us with the tools to help clients of all types attract, capture and convert more leads through their websites. By simply automating outgoing email to current customers and prospects, manufacturers save time and increase efficiency. Segmenting contact lists by products, buyer types or sales cycles allows a company to deliver a relevant, custom message to specific market segments.

Custom emails translate into higher open rates and click-through rates, satisfying the need for information and further developing the potential customer into a qualified sales lead. The sales team is alerted when that qualified sales lead is ready for a conversation or to place an order.

When we’re initially assessing a company’s online presence to determine how we might be able to help, there are three basic starting points we encounter:

1. Their website is outdated in both style and technology. Often it’s static, brochure-ware and non-responsive. This gives us the opportunity to discuss Google standards and how the current state of the site is actually hurting the company’s bottom line.

2. Their website is decent but could benefit from some upgrading to modernize the visitor experience. We talk to management about tools, such as a conversion funnel, that can help them increase engagement and drive more meaningful conversations with leads.

3. Their website is updated regularly, and the company might be using some analytics tools and/or outreach tools like Constant Contact. In these cases, we see if we can save them money and simplify their approach with our Marketing Automation’s all-in-one platform.

Typically, around 50 percent of manufacturers are using or have used some level of email marketing system (e.g., MailChimp or Constant Contact), and some have used a CRM such as Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Dynamics or ACT. But what I’ve found in almost all of the above types of companies is that they have not been exposed to the full power of Marketing Automation.

Once we have established the customers’ starting point, we are able to walk them through how we can enhance their online presence. As we quickly show them, their website is indeed a critical element of online lead generation, but there are a number of other tools that can help feed the sales funnel.

Marketing Automation can dramatically improve online lead generation and help convert that traffic into Marketing-Qualified Leads (MQLs) to be passed to the sales team.

If you would like to learn more about modern on-line lead generation techniques and methodologies book a FREE (no obligation) online demonstration of the MoreSALES Marketing Automation Platform and increase your sales lead generation by 15 percent or more in three months.

About the author
As the founder and president of MoreSALES, Mike Jennings has a passion for marketing and brings 30 years of experience to support and guide his B2B clients. A perpetual learner, he’s driving his firm to be at the forefront of online marketing.

About MoreSALES for Manufacturers
For more than 12 years, MoreSALES has created and implemented sales and marketing initiatives throughout Canada and the US for its B2B manufacturing clients. In 2012, the niche firm located just outside of Toronto turned its focus to online marketing, including Marketing Automation, content marketing and, most recently, video marketing. With a track record for delivering MQLs to its clients’ sales teams, MoreSALES enjoys consistent growth through referrals and reputation.
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