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Maplesoft releases new turnkey solutions for machine builders

by CM Staff   

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New release of MapleSim Insight supports low-cost, digital twin-based solutions.

Maplesoft is now offering turnkey solutions for creating digital twins and implementing virtual commissioning.

WATERLOO — On May 26, Maplesoft™ announced new turnkey solutions for machine builders that make virtual commissioning more accessible, even to organizations that have no experience with modeling and simulation using digital twins. Providing a combination of products and engineering services, Maplesoft will work closely with organizations that are new to virtual commissioning to identify a suitable project, develop a high fidelity virtual model, and deploy that model to anyone in the organization who needs it using MapleSim Insight, a simulation platform. The latest release of MapleSim Insight provides simulation-based 3-D visualization and debugging capabilities that connect directly to common automation platforms.

By taking a model-based simulation approach, companies can solve machine performance issues by diagnosing root-cause issues that are otherwise very difficult to identify. The construction of model-based digital twins, however, is a new engineering skillset that many companies have yet to develop, which prevent them from realizing the benefits of this new technology.

Maplesoft purports to provide customers with full-service solutions for diagnosing, fixing, and optimizing machine performance. Customers can apparently seek solutions to individual issues without having prior simulation experience, and Maplesoft will provide a validated digital twin that can yield results. These digital twins are developed using MapleSim, the multidomain modeling and simulation tool from Maplesoft, which provides a single environment to model all of the key systems found in typical machine designs, including mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical systems.

Customers can also use MapleSim Insight for real-time visualization and testing of machine control code, with direct connectivity options for industry-standard automation tools. The same 3-D visualizations can also be used by non-experts, such as sales teams looking to provide demonstrations of customized hardware to new customers.


“Most companies already understand that they can save time and money in the long run by using digital twins in their product development,” says Chris Harduwar, Vice President of Business Development at Maplesoft. “What stops them from going ahead, however, is the effort it takes to get started. Learning to build a model is a big short term investment, which can be hard to justify when everybody is busy and you aren’t certain how well the theoretical benefits will translate to concrete advantages in your own specific context. The turnkey solutions from Maplesoft give companies a low effort way to discover how digital twins and virtual commissioning can help them solve their immediate, practical problems, and no one has to learn how to build models unless they want to.”

The MapleSim 2021 family of products purports to allow engineers to address design issues more easily than ever, with improved simulation performance and 3-D visualizations, new ways to share models with those who don’t use MapleSim, and expanded component libraries.


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