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Maitri Health Technologies launches international expansion

by CM Staff   

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Integrated personal protective equipment (PPE) supplier and technology platform establishing a dedicated sales team for Mexico, U.K.

VANCOUVER — Maitri Health Technologies Corp., a platform for healthcare supply security, announced on Jan. 6 the expansion of its business to the Latin American and European markets, with the establishment of a dedicated sales team for Mexico and the United Kingdom.

Maitri offers a suite of personal protective equipment (PPE), including 3D family of certified surgical masks, patent-pending face shields, disinfectants and sanitizers, integrated with testing and technology to help track, trace and enable safer workplaces and communities.

“Expanding our business internationally is the natural progression of our strategy,” said Andrew Morton, CEO of Maitri. “Focusing on Mexico and the U.K. allows us to establish beachheads for long-term expansion into Latin America and Europe. In the short-term, those two countries are among those most in need of immediate help to protect their people and communities from the spread of COVID-19.”

Maitri’s business model comes from its onshore development and manufacturing of PPE in North America. Maitri is looking to export this model internationally, by licensing or building domestic manufacturing and supply logistics throughout the Americas and across the globe.

“We see Mexico and the U.K. participating in this domestic manufacturing model and acting as initial hubs to supply their respective regions with locally produced PPE and technology,” said Morton. “We’re committed to finding innovative ways to ensure a reliable, stable supply to organizations and countries who need healthcare equipment today and in the future.”


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