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Maitri Health Technologies adds masks and face shields to global healthcare supply platform

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On-shore manufactured personal protective equipment offers quality, reliability

Maitri 3D Mask (Maitri Health Technologies Corp.)

VANCOUVER, BC — Maitri Health Technologies Corp., a global platform for healthcare supply security, announced more details about the core components of its personal protective equipment (PPE) strategy and product platform.

The 3D face mask and Win-Shield face shields are the foundation of Maitri’s comprehensive suite of on-shore manufactured PPE. The 3D family of masks offer a selection of certified surgical masks and the innovative Win-Shield face shield features a patent-pending design and additional personal protection.

“We know many governments, hospitals, school boards and businesses have struggled to find a domestic alternative to the substandard quality, unpredictable delivery and inflated costs of PPE sourced outside of North America,” said Andrew Morton, CEO, in a prepared statement.

“Maitri’s business strategy specifically addresses those barriers,” said Morton. “Our network of on-shore manufacturing provides an innovative, reliable and quality supply of equipment, including masks and face shields. By sourcing domestically, we have more control over production and delivery to ensure our clients get what they need, when they need it.”

3D masks offer an updated design of the traditional surgical mask, created with comfort and feel for healthcare professionals or those seeking stronger protection. Maitri masks provide three layers of protection for proper filtration and are certified in three options: ASTM Level 1, 2 or 3. Masks are made in Canada with machines made in Canada. This end-to-end approach enables delivery of quality products in a highly scalable production model to meet high-volume needs.

The patent-pending Win-Shield face shield was designed by Canadian medical and dental professionals. Unlike similar devices in the marketplace, the Win-Shield has an extended plastic guard that covers more of a person’s face and top of the head, to help further reduce the risk of exposure.

The global PPE market size is expected to reach more than US$123 billion by 2027, according to a Grand View Research study in October, 2020.


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