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Magna announces its Breakthrough Lighting features on the exterior of vehicles

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Magna plans to have the technology ready for production in 2023.

Magna’s Litgate

AURORA — Exterior lighting is becoming a central styling differentiator while helping to improve safety through greater visibility. Magna’s Breakthrough Lighting solution featured on the thermoplastic liftgate known as Litgate, reportedly combines exterior features and lighting to offer more ways to allow consumers to interact with their vehicles. Magna plans to have the technology ready for production in 2023.

“Magna’s Breakthrough Lighting enables increased design freedom and features more options for brand differentiation that can elevate our customers’ experiences,” said Grahame Burrow, Global President of Magna Exteriors. “As the industry builds significant momentum around electrified and autonomous vehicles, we expect more desire for developments like this that are seamlessly integrated into exterior surfaces.”

Breakthrough Lighting reportedly enhances the overall appearance as well as function of lighting by including key differentiators such as:

  • Breakthrough hidden-until-lit light effects
  • Communicative, functional and decorative lighting
  • Molded-in styling features and intricate textured surfaces
  • Extensive color palette available, programmable to customer spec

Breakthrough Lighting technology is applicable on thermoplastic material surfaces including polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyolefins. Through materials, coatings and processing advancement, the desired lighting effects are achievable on various exterior panels.



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