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Lockheed Martin Canada joins the IBM Quantum Hub at Institut Quantique

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Lockheed Martin has collaborated in the past with the Université de Sherbrooke in quantum information by sponsoring research contracts between 2012 to 2015.

SHERBROOKE— The Institut Quantique (IQ) at Université de Sherbrooke has announced Lockheed Martin Canada as its newest IBM Quantum Hub member. The company will work with IQ’s scientific director, Prof. Alexandre Blais, and his research team to explore the potential offered by quantum algorithms.

“The IBM Quantum Hub at IQ offers an ideal platform to forge close links between fundamental research and industry-based research towards the development of quantum applications” said Prof. Alexandre Blais in a statement.

Lockheed Martin Canada’s partnership includes a $1.3 million investment aligned with Canada’s Industrial and Technological Benefits (ITB) Policy.

“This ITB-enabled collaboration contributes to the advancement of technologies and industrial capability that will drive Canada’s economic prosperity well into the future,” said Lorraine Ben, chief executive, Lockheed Martin Canada in a statement.


“Our investment supports some of the brightest and energetic minds charting new pathways in the field of quantum computing.”

Launched in June 2020 with the financial support of Québec’s ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation, the IBM Quantum Hub at IQ, offers its members cloud-based access to IBM’s most advanced quantum computing systems as well as a community of experts to support quantum research projects. The company stated that the IQ’s hub is committed to accelerating and scaling up quantum computing by partnering with companies and fostering a growing ecosystem.

“Professionals across industry and academia need new skills to capitalize on the emerging field of quantum computing. By leveraging the IBM Quantum Hub at IQ, organizations have access via the cloud to the largest fleet of quantum computers in the world, and receive support, training, and enablement from IBM’s industry-leading technical experts to advance the field of quantum computing and drive adoption,” said Claude Guay, IBM Canada President in a statement.

“We’re pleased that Lockheed Martin Canada is committing to new research and applications in the field of quantum computing with the Institut quantique, and we look forward to collaborating on the journey to quantum advantage and beyond.”

Lockheed Martin has collaborated in the past with the Université de Sherbrooke in quantum information by sponsoring research contracts between 2012 to 2015.

“Lockheed Martin’s growing team of quantum scientists and engineers are eager to participate in the IBM Quantum Hub and extend our collaboration with researchers at the Université de Sherbrooke. This agreement will be an asset to our development of industrial quantum computing applications,” said Dr. Kristen Pudenz, Lockheed Martin Corporate Lead for Quantum in a statement.


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