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KEENON Robotics to bring its produce line to Restaurants Canada Show 2022

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These robots have implications in the food manufacturing industry, where they may be able to aid in disinfection and other duties.

TORONTO — KEENON Robotics, an intelligent service robotics company, is showcasing its entire product line of service robots at the Restaurants Canada Show(RC Show 2022) running from May 9 to May 11 in Toronto. RC Show is Canada’s largest fair in food service, hospitality, and beverages with around 20000 visitors and 1200 exhibitors expected to attend the trade show this year. On show at the KEENON Robotics Booth includes Restaurant Robot, Hotel Robot, Hospitality Robot and Disinfection Robot. They can reportedly work independently or together to help restaurants and hotels with guest reception, food delivery, and disinfection work.

“We are very excited to participate in RC Show to display KEENON’s latest advanced smart robotics technologies. At KEENON, we offer a wide range of products and automation solutions to meet various business needs. Similar to washing machines, dishwashers and vacuum cleaners to help people with laundry, dish washing and cleaning up work, service robots are bringing about the same revolution that free people from tedious, repetitive, and dangerous tasks, so that we can focus on more creative and meaningful work. We hope that at RC show we can forge partnerships with local businesses to bring professional, high efficiency robotics solutions to the North American market,” said Wei Xiang, the sales head of Canadian market of KEENON Robotics.

The Restaurant Robot helps to deliver food and send back dirty dishes, and is aiming to improve the efficiency of food delivery services in hotel and restaurants. Its fully autonomous positioning and navigation technology allows a more efficient operation in various complex environments. The Hotel Robot can be seen as a robot waiter that is able to take the elevator to deliver items to guestrooms all day long, reportedly offering stable and safe contactless room service. The Disinfection Robot is equipped with a professional sterilizing lamp and sprayer, which can kill germs and viruses on the surface and air. It provides convenient health service for various public spaces.



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