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Kallo signs $200M medical software deal with Republic Of Guinea

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The technology will aid healthcare delivery and bring a higher standard of health services to the developing country's rural population

NEW YORK—Medical software and technology company Kallo Inc. signed a more than US$200 million deal to supply healthcare delivery solutions to the Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene of the Republic Of Guinea.

The components of the contract include MobileCare, RuralCare, Hospital Information Systems, Telehealth Systems, Pharmacy Information, disaster management, air and surface patient transportation systems and clinical training.

“The Republic of Guinea has recently made great strides in its healthcare infrastructure development, and this is an important step towards WHO’s Millennium Development Goals for Guinea,” said Mr. John Cecil, Chairman and CEO of Kallo Inc.

Guinea will use the tech to implement a unique healthcare delivery program to bring a higher standard of health services to its rural population, accelerating progress towards its World Health Organization (WHO) Millennium Development Goals.


“We expect that Kallo will benefit from similar opportunities in other parts of the world,” said John Cecil, Chairman and CEO of Kallo Inc.

With Canadian operations based out of Markham, Ont., New York-based Kallo provides for healthcare and business technology for ministries of health, hospitals, physicians & other healthcare organizations that deliver rural healthcare, disease management and clinical globalization.


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