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Jeff Evanson joins p-Chip Corp advisory board

by CM Staff   

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Mr. Evanson's role on the advisory board is a component of a comprehensive engagement between p-Chip Corp and Traust IP Finance.

p-Chip (CNW News)

CHICAGO — p-Chip Corp, a company that is involved in the tracking of physical products and materials with its microtransponder technology, announced that Jeff Evanson has joined the company’s Advisory Board via an engagement with Traust IP Finance. Mr. Evanson, who previously served as Vice President of Global Investor Relations & Strategy at Tesla from 2011 to 2017, joins p-Chip Corp in its efforts to develop its indexing solutions and secure additional funding.

Mr. Evanson’s role on the advisory board is a component of a comprehensive engagement between p-Chip Corp and Traust IP Finance. Mr. Evanson is a partner at Traust IP Finance. p-Chip Corp has engaged Traust IP Finance as its exclusive agent to secure a Master License Agreement for the use of its technology platform within the automotive market segment.

“We are honored to have someone of Jeff’s experience, influence, expertise and a member of the Traust IP Finance team as our advisor,” stated Harry Epstein, p-Chip Corp’s co-founder and CEO. “There are few executives in the automotive industry who rival his accomplishments of not only securing an unprecedented level of investment for a nascent and technically disruptive automotive OEM, but also securing the shareholder support for key acquisitions. Jeff will be a huge asset to our executive team, and we are excited to work together.”

Mr. Evanson’s experience and perspective is supposed to help p-Chip Corp develop its CryptoAnchor solutions. At Tesla, Mr. Evanson reported directly to Elon Musk and guided Wall Street investors into providing the company more than $3 billion in equity investments and an additional $13.5 billion in debt capital.


“I’m pleased to be a part of Traust IP Finance’s engagement with p-Chip Corp at an early stage,” stated Mr. Evanson. “There are major segments of the automotive industry that would greatly benefit from a secure, durable and inexpensive indexing platform. p-Chip Corp is the first to bring world-class, disruptive tracking technology to the automotive industry. By implementing the breakthrough p-Chip, global automotive companies can monitor electronics and other critical safety components, prevent counterfeiting, and mitigate the negative effect of recalls, for substantial revenue improvements. I look forward to helping the company realize the massive potential of this technology.”


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