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Inno Foods launches new division to solve shortage of masks and PPE

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The brand name that Inno Foods has created for their PPE products is called Inno Lifecare

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PORT COQUITLAM, BC – On June 9, Inno Foods Inc., a confectionary producer and distributor in Port Coquitlam, BC, announced the company has co-developed a mask-producing machine with manufacturers in South Korea that arrived on May 26th.

The brand name that Inno Foods has created for their PPE products is called Inno Lifecare and its mission statement is “to create consumer and professional product that protect life”.

“Although we are all going through a difficult time, our mentality is to find a way to still thrive in whichever situation we are in, so that not only our company, but also the whole community can get through this challenge together,” said Inno Foods CEO Jae Park, in a prepared statement. “We want to contribute our small part to both the community and the economy.”

An official site license has been issued for the mask production. Full production of our consumer masks have started and medical grade masks such as N95 or equivalent are waiting on lab test results in order to begin production very soon. Multiple designs and types can be produced from one machine and they have plans to co-develop more mask machines.


Inno Foods said in a statement that their team will leverage safety training in order to convert to medical grade procedures, allowing them to quickly pivot from food production into medical mask and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) production.

Inno Foods has their own in-house staff of formulation scientists, equipment engineers, fabrication specialists and product development specialists and have designed and created over 50% of their own production equipment. Inno Foods announced that they worked with a team in South Korea to co-develop a machine that produces masks that meet North America standards, and also modified it to be versatile, so it can produce consumer and N95 or equivalent masks.

Inno Foods established a strategic partnership with the machine manufacturer in Korea who will share their knowledge and resources of manufacturing other PPE machines, so that they can also become a PPE machine manufacturer.

The goal for Inno Foods is to become a reliable local PPE manufacturer for Canadians. Therefore, they are also contemplating manufacturing a specialized hand sanitizer, a filter and other PPEs that Canada is low on. They are expanding their laboratory facilities to allow for product testing and the development of a sanitizer formulation.


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