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Hollister Biosciences signs agreement with Easyriders to manufacture cannabis line

Deal establishes a pairing between cannabis and motorcycle cultures.

December 15, 2020  by CM Staff

Hollister Biosciences Inc. Signs Exclusive Agreement with Easyriders to Design, Manufacture and Produce a National Cannabis Product Line

VANCOUVER — Easyriders has recently signed an exclusive agreement with Hollister Biosciences to introduce a national line of cannabis products. It is anticipated that the new line will make its debut next month with pre-rolls and mini pre-rolls, followed by a cannabis tattoo balm that’s applied directly to the skin after new ink, with a full line of products coming in 2021.

“My vision for Hollister has always been to pay homage to the amazing biker culture that has permeated the global landscape over the past few decades by combining it with amazing cannabis products,” says Carl Saling, the Co-Founder, CEO and Director of Hollister Biosciences. “Easyriders is one of the most iconic and recognizable global biker brands. We are proud to be their exclusive cannabis partner, and we look forward to producing a truly authentic experience across the cannabis SKUs we develop and distribute across America.”

Hollister Biosciences products are currently found in nearly 300 dispensaries in California and more than 80 in Arizona. As part of the new agreement, the company will introduce Easyriders pre-rolls and tattoo balms into the California market in early 2021 with a full line of products to follow.

Pepper Foster, President of Easyriders, stated, “My vision for Easyriders has been to pay homage to the 50 years of this iconic magazine and to Joe Teresi who launched Easyriders in the late 1960s. In continuing our commitment to authenticity, we are proud and excited to partner with another iconic brand, Hollister. We invite you to take the ride with us. Ride hard. Ride fast.”


The terms of the deal are: 2-year exclusive agreement on all cannabis products in the US with an 80:20 net revenue split in favour of Hollister with options to renew for subsequent terms.