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Hirschbach announces a partnership with TRANSTEX

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TRANSTEX's EDGE ELITE AERO™ SYSTEM will be deployed across 1,100 transport vehicles to improve fuel efficiency.

MONTREAL — Hirschbach Motor Lines, a transportation and refrigerated carrier company, announced a new partnership with TRANSTEX on Feb 9, a manufacturer of fuel-saving aerodynamic solutions for full trailer coverage.

As part of its mission to reduce its carbon footprint and leverage technology across its fleet, Hirschbach will deploy 1,100 EDGE ELITE AERO™ SYSTEMS across the country. TRANSTEX’s EDGE ELITE AERO™ SYSTEM is a three-piece trailer solution that improves fuel efficiency by 10.49%, or 12.09 gallons per 1,000 miles driven. Fleets can purportedly save $2,877 per trailer and get a 6-month ROI.

“Hirschbach is committed to modifying its carbon footprint for future generations. As good stewards, it is our commitment to improve fuel efficiency across our operations. Through analytical testing and in-house ROI calculations based on engineering data we evaluate the equipment deployed in our fleet,” says Nick Forte, Vice President of Maintenance at Hirschbach. “Recent track testing by TRANSTEX demonstrated the highest fuel-savings results for a trailer aerodynamic kit. The overall fuel performance of the EDGE ELITE AERO™ SYSTEM was substantial. A major concern for refrigerated carriers looking to implement rear-end aerodynamic devices is the soft seal around loading docks. Other devices interfere with the seal and cause compliance and food safety issues. The system’s simple design and no moving parts does not obstruct the seal. This is a technology that can be championed by our drivers.”

Hirschbach currently operates 1,800 Class 8 trucks and 3,500 trailers and expects to continue its growth plans through the purchase of an additional 500 power units and 1,200 trailers in 2021.


“Hirschbach is known for their high quality of service and their strength in adopting the latest technology to optimize their operations.” says Mathieu Boivin, CEO and President of TRANSTEX, “This partnership offers strong support for our business, as it validates our continual investment in R&D by providing fleets with advanced value-added solutions. We look forward to contributing to Hirschbach’s Green Fleet Strategy and helping shape the future of transportation aerodynamics.”


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