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Hillcrest Energy Technologies provides update on demo with European automotive OEM

by CM Staff   

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The European OEM is currently analyzing the results and will propose the next phase of co-development activities in the coming weeks.

VANCOUVER — Hillcrest Energy Technologies, a clean technology company offering power conversion technologies and control system solutions, provided an update to its work.

Hillcrest announces the successful completion of dynamic load bench tests involving Hillcrest’s 250-kilowatt, 800-volt SiC inverter with a prominent European Automotive Original Equipment Manufacturer (European OEM). This phase of testing evaluated the impacts of Hillcrest’s Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) technology on a dynamic load using a high efficiency motor of the European OEM and confirmed the integration of Hillcrest’s technology with their motor.

A live demonstration, attended by representatives of the European OEM, was hosted at Systematec GmbH’s facility in Germany. The exceptional test results showcased a marked advantage in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) characteristics and inverter efficiency.

The European OEM is currently analyzing the results and will propose the next phase of co-development activities in the coming weeks. The successful completion of this latest demonstration represents further validation of Hillcrest’s technology and significant progress on this important opportunity for collaboration and future growth.

The Company continues to make progress on the previously announced joint development project with a Global Tier One Automotive Supplier for a powertrain system that incorporates a customized version of the Hillcrest SiC traction inverter, which leverages Hillcrest’s proprietary ZVS inverter technology to solve many common challenges faced by today’s EV powertrains by enabling a reduction in overall vehicle weight, increased payload, and greater range capability. The Company announced completion of the first milestone in April 2023.

The second milestone, consisting of maximum-load demonstration testing with a specialized motor provided by the Global Tier One Automotive Supplier, is scheduled to commence in June at Hillcrest’s R&D lab in Vancouver. Upon completion, the third milestone will commence and include a series of on-site demonstrations at the customer’s facilities later this year. Upon successfully completing all milestones, the companies anticipate entering into a definitive commercial agreement.

Hillcrest previously announced a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Hercules Electric Mobility, Inc. in October of 2022 and provided a progress update to shareholders on March 23rd, 2023. The collaborative effort focuses on integrating and demonstrating the Hillcrest ZVS inverter in a Hercules electric powertrain, which is expected to enable the powertrain to operate at higher power levels and higher switching frequencies without compromising efficiency. Upon successfully completing all milestones outlined in the MOU, the companies anticipate entering into a definitive commercial agreement.

To allow for a more extensive testing and integration program, the collective technical teams previously revised the demonstration plan to include an intermediate test phase with Hercules’ motor supplier. This test phase will then be followed by system testing with Hercules’ electric powertrain. This enhanced approach will allow Hillcrest to obtain more robust integration and test data at power levels of up to 350kW, crucial data that will impact this and other development programs.


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